Our story

We’re just like you. We’ve been there too. Standing in line endlessly, waiting for a rental car. Watching the clerk type for minutes on end (while we already entered our info online). Nervously watching the kilometer counter to see if we could stay within the limits of the contract. And we said: there has to be better way! Shouldn’t renting a car be easy, fun experience? Shouldn’t it be about freedom rather than limits? We realized that this wasn’t just a problem – it was an opportunity to do it better!

A new type of car rental company

We’re passionate about mobility, about travel, about the freedom of the open road. So when we realized the market was ready for something better, we went for it. We built a new type of car rental company from the ground up. No dated systems or old fashioned bureaucracy. But new ways of working, using cutting edge technology and a start-up mentality that’s all about getting better results for YOU.

Simple, real, without limitations

As you’ve surely noticed by now, our motto is: driven by freedom. That’s not just a slogan. It’s the foundation of all our services. We reengineered the rental process from one simple, real question: how can we offer our clients more freedom? Freedom from limits. Freedom from hassle. Freedom from worries. The freedom to simply tell us your wishes, pick up your keys and go where you want to go. Welcome to freedom. Welcome to Holland Auto.


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